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A variety of updates with 1.20.1
12 months ago

A variety of updates have been made over a couple of weeks:
- All servers are fully running on 1.20.1.
- The survival dragon fight leaderboard now shows crystals destroyed and gives everyone who took part some XP.
- The hub area has had some small updates.
- Building style has been renamed to build battle.
- The linkup bot has been fixed.
- Worldedit limits have been increased, with 100k blocks for member and 200k blocks for member+.

3 years of Panelcade
about 1 year ago

Today marks three years since Panelcade opened publicly! Thank you to everyone who has joined the server throughout the years.

1.19.4 and limited time villager taxation
about 1 year ago

1.19.4 support is here, but more importantly taxes have been added to survival!
💰All players can tax a villager 3 times for a limited time only. Taxing is done by approaching and staring at a villager with a loaded crossbow in your hand. The villager will then pay you taxes in designer clothing. You give a nod to them to show your appreciation.

Village getting taxed with a crossbow

1.19.3 and a new treasure hunt!
about 1 year ago

1.19.3 is here, and a new treasure hunt has appeared on the lobby ship!
- 1.19.3 clients are now supported, and the servers are running the new version as well. Chat signing is not enabled.
- There is a new limited time treasure hunt at the lobby ship, find all the gold block heads around the lobby and maybe even discover a new easter egg in the process!
- A limited run of late acoustic panels is available on survival!

Some small changes over the last week:
about 1 year ago

Panelcade has had some small changes over the last week:
- Pets have finally been fixed on creative.
- As a second part to pets being fixed mobs can now be used in worlds other than the plot world on creative. This applies for any member+ & staff with access, and the rules have been updated to reflect this!
- The lobby navigator has been updated.
- The lobby cosmetics menu has been updated and a music item has been added.
If you find that you can spawn a mob or do something in the creative plot world that you shouldn't be able to contact a staff member!

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